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XLISP 2077

Version 2077 just became XLISP -- probablby will become LISP soon.
As for GET and PUTPROP, I've added the code which KMP at one point
  suggested, namely they will treat non-USRHUNK hunks as "disembodied"
  property lists.  The code to actually send a GET or PUT message
  for USERHUNK's has not yet been done.  The idea for USRHUNK's is
  that all systems operations more-or-less work by message passing.
*:TRUTH is a super-internal variable, which controls the value of
  truth.  Normaly, for MacLISP, and any LISP1.5-like lisp, it will
  point to the symbol T, but the user may reset it at will.
New SHARABLE and MACLISP dumps also composed over this XLISP.