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(GET (HUNK ...) ...)

    Date: 18 February 1981 22:47-EST
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at MIT-MC>

    While I don't really understand the point to doing GET on hunks, I can
    tell you I often do the MEMQ hack on them.  It would break lots of my
    code, including probably EXTEND, to change MEMQ in the same way.  Why
    not just make GET give an error on things that pass the USRHNP test?

I really hate to get into this discussion, but this is not an
acceptable fix to the "problem".  If you are using GET on hunks as a
way of giving your structures property lists, this would prevent you
from making your structures USRHUNKs as well.  Better (but hardly
best) would be to actually send a GET message.  This way you have a
chance of winning (slowly and inefficiently).  Best would be to put
things back the way they were before and move the class object out of
the CDR in your stuff.