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"bare" lisp and AUTOLOAD properties

    Date: 17 FEB 1981 1403-EST
    From: JONL (Jon L White)
    To:   GJC
    cc:   (BUG LISP), JPG
    Re:   "bare" lisp and AUTOLOAD properties

        Date: 17 February 1981 13:31-EST
        From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
        .  .  .
        In other words, I'm saying flush EVERYTHING which is not referenced
        by COMPILED code. This includes UREAD et. al. and doesn't this amount
        to something significant? 
    103. words for all old-i/o functions.
    By the way, whose "compiled code" would you set as the standard, when
    it comes to flushing functions "not referenced by COMPILED code." ??

Who's compiled code? Macsyma's probably. Who funded maclisp developement?