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Seems like RLB's bug note was very reasonable.
However, (GET (CONS-A-FOO) 'BAR) could be made non-circular by
changing the implementation of the EXTEND objects.
Store the CLASS object as the CAR of the object maybe. But,
then one would have to extend the evaluator to do something
interesting when the CAR is a hunk. 

Case in point: **SELF-EVAL** is a waste of space in every extend object,
more thoughtfull extension of the data structures, and how they
interact with existing primitives, is called for.
Is it not better to extend the evaluator than to de-extend "word?"
a primitive like GET?

Note for RLB: In looking over RLB;H > I thought you could
do well to use something other than GET, something more
(1) You could put in more error checking.
(2) You could put in less error checking.
(3) You could perhaps have special slots in the SYMBOL structure
    in NIL, just for the use of your compiler H.
    Since the compiler is very important, it seems reasonable that
    it gets special bits of it's own in the symbol.
    If done cleverly, this could speed up compilation, which would
    benefit everybody.