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"bare" lisp and AUTOLOAD properties

    Date: 17 FEB 1981 1319-EST
    From: JONL (Jon L White)
    To:   GJC
    cc:   (BUG LISP), JPG
    Re:   "bare" lisp and AUTOLOAD properties

    There is of course a trade-off here between inconvenience to
    the "naive" maclisp user, and the address-starved Macsyma.

I would maintain that what one gets with a :LISP is not suitable
for the "naive" maclisp user and that there is in fact no such trade off;
why should :LISP get one a cold-load environment?

    but it's not clear what of the current autoloadables should
    be flushed, even if there were the opportunity to flush
    enough to make up 1K of space.

By setting up the mechanisms for this, that is, by making it policy that
the "working lisp" for naive users is thoughtfully constructed by
FASLOADing into the "cold load" lisp, we gain flexibility, and perhaps
even lift ourselves out of the gutter of worrying about 
"one more symbol does or does not go over a page boundary".

In other words, I'm saying flush EVERYTHING which is not referenced
by COMPILED code. This includes UREAD et. al. and doesn't this amount
to something significant?