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    Date: 17 FEB 1981 1235-EST
    From: JONL (Jon L White)
    To:   GJC, RLB, RWK, GSB
    cc:   (BUG LISP), JPG

    two reminders:
    1) We need a way to periodically "clean out" the LISP;LOCK MAIL file,
       absorbing the relevant info into some data base that an automatic
       reaper could hack.  DUMPGC doesn't address this problem, does it?
It will take the LOCK MAIL file and produce a FASLoadable data base.
Presumably the data base wants to be GC'd too. However, since backup tapes
are never GC'd, there is an interesting problem. This is sounding more and
more like COBOL applications programming. 
    2) MACLISP, rathere than SHARABLE should be the base over which to build
       systems (unless there is an extreme address space crunch e.g. LSBCM).
       The file LISP;MACLISP LISP is an "init" loader file for MACLISP, and
       shows what all files are included in it.
Would be nice to be able to include MACSYMA in this scheme too. In that
case it builds off of a bare lisp. Speaking of bare lisps, the present
LISP IS NOT as BARE as it could be. How about having all those
AUTOLOAD properties and symbols be part of the initial SHARAB, and not
assembled with the bare lisp system. I know that Macsyma has no use
for these symbols, and it would save about a "K". I would think you
owe it to macsyma to do this.