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MacLISP recidivus!

I thought I'd give this old dog a new try, by combinng the
dump of the SHARABLE file along with all the MACLISP^K stuff -- 
see the loader file LISP;MACLISP LISP for what all went into it.
Apparently the "round off" of pure pages costs about 4K just
at the cascade level of the SHARAB, so doing things this way
saves a bit;  it means that the MACDMP file will be first in
*SHARING-FILE-LIST* rather than any SHBDMP.  Anyway, it might
be worth another try, to see how much we can share again.
Not yet distributed to other ITS's due to network lossage.

A COMPLR composed of such a MACLISP does take 10K more than
one composed with absolutely bare essentials;  however,
it is possible that only the GRINDEF file is "dross" for
the COMPLR, and that accounts for about 4K.  NILAID shows
a loss of only 2K now, so it seems reasomable to let
it be composed over MACLISP rather than SHARAB.  How
about some of y our dumps?