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Lightening quenched!

Finally, I think I have tested all cases of my "patch" to the
"lightening strikes twice" bug:
    Date: 10 February 1981 17:53-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Lightening Strikes Twice!
    .  .  .
    Sigh, remember the PUTPROP twice bug that has plagued us lo these
    6 years?  This is still another manifestation of it.  I've done some
    more work on PUTPROP, but it still isn't completely bug-free (will work
    more on it later tonite)
The only anomalous case is that when you are trying to do a pure-putprop,
and the page on which the property-list cell resides **has already been
made read-only**, then the initial part of the plist will be copied into
impure space;  this behaviour isn't buggy, but simply leaves 2 words
in impure space that could go into pure.   Look on the bright side!  it
doesn't cause the frivolous creation of yet another page of pure space 
when you "accidentally" pure-putprop twice.