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Lightening Strikes Twice!

    Date: 10 February 1981 03:31-EST
    From: Richard L. Bryan <RLB at MIT-MC>
    Hah! In a bare XC, look at (PLIST 'CLASS-CLASS) for only one of many such 
    instances of lossage. .  .  .
Sigh, remember the PUTPROP twice bug that has plagued us lo these
6 years?  This is still another manifestation of it.  I've done some
more work on PUTPROP, but it still isn't completely bug-free (will work
more on it later tonite)
   Since the problem in COMPLR is caused by INITIALIZE being called
(which wants to SPECIALize some important systemic variables, but
which had already been specialized by the loading of some files), then
I've put out a COMPLR fix file which just remprop's them, and re-puts
the properties (in impure space).
   By the bye, remember how these problems didn't occur in NILAID
and NACOMPLR?  well I remember last summer when first becoming aware
of the PUTPROP-twice bug that the NALOADer file just did a lobotomy
of some offenders:  
   (mapc '(lambda (y) (mapc '(lambda (x) (putprop (car x) 
						  (car (remprop (car x) y)) 
and sure enough, the SPECIAL propertie in NACOMPLR are the right thing.
I guess this "lobotomization" can be removed when I finish with
PUTPROP tonite.  (maybe PUTPROP shsould be removed??)