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COMPLR not at fault

    Date: 5 February 1981 17:21-EST
    From: Jeffrey P. Golden <JPG at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Bug in (TAN 10), continued
    This looks like it is a compilation bug (AC being clobbered?)
    Just get a MACSYMA, quit into LISP, and (TRACE SIN COS).
    You'll see that the argument to COS (which should be the same as the 
    argument to SIN, obviously) is being clobbered.
    The function TAN is defined in MRG;TRIGI > .
the bug is entirely due to the faulty declaration in the TRIGI file
reproduced here:
    ;; This declaration applies to the parameter variables and local variables
    ;; of many of the functions defined below.  They do not apply to special
    ;; variables.  If you use these names in any context below, the compiler
    ;; will assume them to be flonums.
X certainly isn't being used as a FLONUM variable in TAN.