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[SOLOMON: forwarded]

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 81 11:09:00 GMT
Original-Date: Tuesday, 27 January 1981  06:09-EST
From: Jonathan Alan Solomon <SOLOMON at RUTGERS>
To:   kmp, JONL
cc:   Solomon at RUTGERS

Sigh.. Lots of MACLISP bugs for me to report... Terrible lossage!

First, I brought down the new maclisp using LISP20;LISP F-CTL (or somesuch)
and I ran the .EXE from there, my CUBE got some sort of PC error on
protected memory (details below).. Then I tried to assemble the
LISP.MID.69 file, I ran it and it bombed with undefined JSYS..
I presume it is one of the VTS jsii, so someone has to add a VTS
switch so I can turn it off....

[here is what happened when I got the protected memory error..]

LISP 2022
Alloc? n

(load '|s:<solomon>cdriv.lsp|)
;Loading SHARPM 67 

;Loading DEFMAX 77
;Loading LET 90

Sigh... Tell me what else you need to know...