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    Date: 1 February 1981 06:01-EST
    From: Alan Bawden <ALAN at MIT-MC>
    Subject: XLISP
    To: BUG-LISP at MIT-MC
    You changed the USRHUNK printing message from PRINT to /:PRINT-SELF.
    The colon is silly.  Especially since none of the other messages have
    colons in their names.
Your complaint is silly.  If you are going to write code which is textually
compatible with a system with a package system, where ":" marks the keyword
packge, you have to write the colon.  Or are you going to suggest that any
symbols that you can be compatible for have to be in the GLOBAL package,
or you always have to write #+MacLisp 'PRINT-SELF #-MacLisp ':PRINT-SELF ??
Have you got any better ideas?

It IS a bug that the others don't even alias the : names to the non-: names.