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DEFUN&-CHECK-ARGS putting out a ARGS request

    Date: 30 January 1981 17:03-EST
    From: Glenn S. Burke <GSB at MIT-ML>
    .  .  .  i said that i fixed
    it, since it didn't look like it would get fixed any other way.
So why all the flaming?
    ...  i thought it
    dumb and inconsistent that the ARGS info should be put out ONLY if i
    set DEFUN&-CHECK-ARGS to NIL.  I feel that it should ALWAYS be output.
    The argument about not doing it because of purification does NOT hold
    up in most cases, because most people don't have such symbols already
    extant in a pure dump (eg TO-STRING in the base Lisp).
So why didn't you do that too?   I don't have any case against doing the 
call to ARGS when DEFUN-&CHECK-ARGS is ().  In fact, why not let 
DEFUN-&CHECK-ARGS = () be the default state, so that a loser has to reset 
it if he wants the explicit args checking code in his function.