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Bugs in LISTARRAY with 2 args

In a bare lisp,
 (SETQ A (*ARRAY NIL T 100)) => #T-100-70776
 (LISTARRAY A 1)             => NIL
 (LISTARRAY A 0)	     => MPV;LISTA1>>HRRZ B,@A(C)  B/ 0  530157/ ??
In a new bare lisp,
 (SETQ A (*ARRAY NIL 'FIXNUM 100)) => #T-100-70776
 (LISTARRAY A 1)		   => (0)
 (LISTARRAY A 0)		   => (100)

Both of these behaviors seem a bit silly. I would like VERY much if 
(LISTARRAY array n) for n=0 returned NIL. It is otherwise much less useful
than it might be. (n=-1 seems to get the whole array.)