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I don't really care if LEXPR-FUNCALL supports FSUBRs. In fact, I'd prefer
if it didn't bother running the code to get those props, as I think it
is totally awful for anyone to actually LEXPR-FUNCALL a FEXPR ... 

HOWEVER, I do wonder why if 

	(LEXPR-FUNCALL #'QUOTE '((F))) => F ;win
	(LEXPR-FUNCALL #'QUOTE '(F))   => #74332 ; ie, (CAR 'F) -- reasonable

then how could

	(LEXPR-FUNCALL #'QUOTE NIL) => #100346 

since if QUOTE did any arg checking, it would know it had been given a bad
arg, and since if you did 2 extra CARs of NIL, you'd get NIL, not #100346 ...

What kind of nonsense is it doing that gets me such an obscure return value?