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[no subject]

(DEFAULTF '((DSK KMP) * >))	=>	((DSK KMP) * >))
(SETQ F (OPEN))			=>	#FILE-IN-|DSK:KMP;* LOGIN|-70772
(DEFAULTF '(KMP >))		=>	((DSK KMP) KMP >))
(CLOSE F)			=>	T

Please excuse the no-arg call to OPEN. That's not really relevant. Anyway,
I don't think that if an explicit file arg is given for re-opening, the name
should be MERGEF'd with DEFAULTF before opening. I think if the guy tries to
reopen a file, it's clear that he wants the same specs. If he CNAMEF'd the
file, that's another issue, but reopening a real file object should happen
with NODEFAULT as a default option.