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this doesn't have much to do with any new monitor, I suspect

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 81 22:03:00 GMT
Original-Date: Monday, 12 January 1981  17:03-EST
To:   cpr at MIT-XX
Re:   A Bug

The function writeablep in Maclisp is defined in the fasl file <maclisp>purep.
fasl. My guess is that it checks for write protection violations. Until
yesterday, calling this function with an output file (in Maclisp) gave t(rue).
It still does so in Maclisp on ML. However, your new monitor gives a
write protection error.
      One LISP program that shows this is -
       (load '((dsk maclisp) purep fasl))
       (setq outfilep (open '(my output) 'out))
       (writeablep outfilep)
   This should return t.