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BACKQ fixed?

    Date: 3 December 1980 07:16-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>

    You just moved the bug around!  ` on hunks is broken now!

        Date: 2 December 1980 19:42-EST
        From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>

	    Date: 2 December 1980 10:39-EST
	    From: John G. Aspinall <JGA>

	    I just got ;BKPT +ibx-unhunkp| under the same sort of
	    circumstances as yesterday's error.

        Um. I fixed this yesterday. JONL seems to have broken it.
	I fixed it again. .  .  .

    Well, here's the fourth attempt to get this bug flushed!  Kent, you
    have to distinguish between just quotifying a thing, like `"abc", and
    descending it, like `(A . ,b .).  I've put in some code near where
    that BKPT used to be to get this to work, and tested it on all cases
    so far mentioned in the mails.
There's no problem with having `(A . ,b .) turn into 
'(A . (|+internal-`-,-marker/|| . b) .) or whatever... At least then it does
SOMETHING. All I'm complaining about is that I had it fixed so that it worked
in some cases because someone needed the code to work to get his work done.
Your making it breakpoint in that case means it doesn't work for anyone and
that's totally useless to everyone. I doubt anyone does `(A . ,B .) while I
am sure a lot of people use the strings package -- so I wanted something to
work. I am fully aware that it doesn't do what the code was intended to do in 
full scale -- but it does allow JGA's code to run for the application he has, 
and that struck me as important -- especially since we had recent bug mail
from him indicating that he was relying on this case to work.