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BACKQ fixed?

You just moved the bug around!  ` on hunks is broken now!
    Date: 2 December 1980 19:42-EST
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  I don't think BACKQUOTE was fixed completely AGAIN...
	Date: 2 December 1980 10:39-EST
	From: John G. Aspinall <JGA>
	Re: I don't think BACKQUOTE is fixed completely yet.
	I just got
	;BKPT +ibx-unhunkp|
	under the same sort of circumstances as yesterday's error.
    Um. I fixed this yesterday. JONL seems to have broken it. I fixed it again.
    .  .  .
Well, here's the fourth attempt to get this bug flushed!  Kent, you
have to distinguish between just quotifying a thing, like `"abc", and
descending it, like `(A . ,b .).  I've put in some code near where
that BKPT used to be to get this to work, and tested it on all cases
so far mentioned in the mails.