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I don't think BACKQUOTE was fixed completely AGAIN...

    Date: 2 December 1980 10:39-EST
    From: John G. Aspinall <JGA>
    Re: I don't think BACKQUOTE is fixed completely yet.

    I just got
    ;BKPT +ibx-unhunkp|
    under the same sort of circumstances as yesterday's error.

    In fact it was expanding
    `((lambda (x) (pnput (string-pnget x 7) T)) (string-append ,s1 ":" ,s2))

Um. I fixed this yesterday. JONL seems to have broken it. I fixed it again.
Can we please not install versions of the thing that can't do `"FOO" 
correctly? My correction is clearly marked. I don't think there's any
excuse for having it ;BKPT  on the guy for using a system-provided facility.
Worse, if you $P'd the bug, you didn't get a correct answer when a perfectly
reliable thing was to return (LIST 'quote x) on the thing.