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The compiler is currently outputing ((LISP)DEFMAX) as an autoload
property for FLUSH-MACROMEMOS where ((LISP) DEFMAX FASL) should
rightfully be expected. The result of this is that it doesn't work in
Macsyma. (1) That putprop should be conditional on there not being
an autoload property already there. (2) You'd save a few CONS's if you
didn't do (PUTPROP 'FLUSH-MACROMEMOS '((LISP) ...) ...) but rather did
so that you got the piece of structure already existed instead of locking
down new cons's. (3) I don't think you should assume that the second filename
of an autoload is going to default to FASL. Macsyma doesn't default the 
second filename to anything and gives a [DEFMAX,*,DSK,LISP] NO SUCH FILE
type error ... I think since you KNOW you want the FASL file, you should
put it there. I think that convention should be made clear in Maclisp --
that the default autoload handler will look for FASL files, but that user
autoload handlers needn't be bound by that and that the Maclisp system
will define system autoloads to actually have the word FASL there.

This broke PRIMER in Macsyma. ELLEN has added in an explicit LOAD of 
DEFMAX at the top of SCRIPT INTRO (which uses `... interpreted and so
loads DEFMAX). When this explicit load becomes removable, please let us
know. Thanks.