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Another bug (almost!) bites the dust

    Date: 1 December 1980 15:25-EST
    From: John G. Aspinall <JGA at MIT-MC>
    Subject: STRING and `
    .  .  .
    `(foo "bar")
    (FOO T)
The bug here related to hunks which weren't VECTORs, thus
`(foo #(a b c)) would win OK.  However, backquote on hunks has
been losing for a long time.
    Date: 1 December 1980 16:01-EST
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
    Oh, well. Another bug bites the dust. I made a patch to NILCOM;BACKQ and
    recompiled it so that the `"FOO" bug doesn't occur. .  .  .
So I took this opportunity to fix up the whole thing, including
other kinds of backquoted hunk lossage.
   For the record, there is a simple place in the (new) code where
Q-sequences are backquoted over, and it would be a trivial thing to 
make ` work over, say, STRUCTures (if only we knew what we wanted to 
do about printing them!).