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Getting characters into Lisp

    Date: 28 November 1980 1540-EST (Friday)
    From: Leonard.Zubkoff at CMU-10A (C410LZ60)
    Re:   Getting characters into Lisp

    I am running MacLisp on the Dec-20 (CMU-20C) and appear to be unable to get
    certain control characters through to lisp under any circumstances.  That
    is, even slashifying them fails and a tyo when one is typed does not 
    return to its caller.  Two such characters are specifically ^A and ^V.
Some characters are trapped by the operating system. Others are not seen 
because they have lisp interrupt properties. Try doing (SSTATUS TTYINT #^A NIL)
to turn off ^A's interrupt property and see if that lets you TYI it then.
I'm pretty sure that will work. Making ^S and ^Q be readable on a Tops-20 may
be much harder since they are hacked by the operating system. -kmp