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Inadvertent loading of MLMAC file

From:     WJL@MIT-ML
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 80 17:12:37 GMT
Original-Date: 11/18/80 13:12:37 EDT
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-ML
    I am getting very frustrated with the function name conflicts resulting 
    from all of the new stuff that gets autoloaded into Lisp.  I spent five 
    hours figuring out what was going on when a probef of a backquoted list 
    caused backquote to be loaded which called pairp, got mine, returned t, 
    messed up the interrupts, tried to load the tty, and went deaf.  .  .  .  
On the 12'th of this month, GJC and I discovered that BACKQ had been
compiled with a compiler which failed to open-code PAIRP (this is fixed now
through the loading of a "fix" file when the XCOMPLR is loaded).  But there 
should be no function call to PAIRP in compiled code, for that would, in 
older LISPs, cause the autoloading of MLMAC.  I'm not sure when the recompiled
BACKQ made it over to ML, but since GJC did the compilation on MC, he may have
forgotten to :INSTALL it to AI and ML (GSB probably did it later?).