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defstruct in MacLisp

ALAN;STRUCT FASL on AI or MC is a still experimental defstruct that we
plan on installing on the LispMachine sometime soon.  It tries to be
99% compatable with the old (current) LispMachine defstruct but it
also has new features, and it works (and will continue to work) in
MacLisp.  (It grew out of my private defstruct for MacLisp.)

It lacks one major feature that the current LispMachine defstruct has,
it doesn't do "components", that is, slots of the form
((<name> <ppss>) (<name> <ppss>)).  This it what is keeping us from
installing it, I have to get around to putting this feature in.  But
if you don't use this feature, then you can start using it now.

You can find fairly complete documentation for it in ALAN;STRUCT DOC.

There is also a QFASL, but it is not necessarily in phase with the
current FASL.  It's also not a good idea to use it unless you have to,
since it will break your LispMachine world in several small (not
fatal, just annoying) ways.

Let me know if you are going to use this so I can add you to my
mailing list of people to inform when I break the thing!