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|frobboz/||, and preferential names

Well, the reason for the note by KMP and RWK was that
they objected to documenting what I thought were verrrry
internal names -- the objections stems from differing
opinions as to the utility of these functionalities.
  RWK's proposal -- what I called the "amazingly simple solution" --
that we just put EXPR properties on the desirable names, and
worry (maybe) someday about a name changeover;  that way we
needn't grovel over all possible FASL files just in order to
recycle a name like |frobboz/||.  This "groveling" is the problem
I referred to, and which you found puzzling -- namely that just
fixing up a few source files won't help.
  I certainly hope that not all those functionalities are deemed 
truly worthy (i.e.,  worthy enough to have new names);  even when
they aren't externally worthy, it would still seem useful to document 
even the most obscurely-named piece of system code, simply because
a coherent overall explanation in english is more useful even to a 
wizard than similar words obscurely hidden in the source code.