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Well, it turns out that |constantp/||, etc., while internal, do also show up
in FASL files. I believe JONL's putting them in LISP RECENT was a reaction to
my statement that I was planning to document them (in my Maclisp manual) 
whether anyone wanted it or not ... In particular, I feel that Lisp is a well-
abstracted set of Assembly-Language routines (sometimes not so well...). But
the ones that have Lisp-symbol entrypoints represent functions with calling
conventions that can be used by users and might as well be documented so that
users with those same applications can take advantage of them rather than 
having them duplicate effort to write something truly obscure (as I have 
written to identify C...R forms in the past -- there are two builtins which
deal with this and neither is advertised) ... So RWK and I propose to name
these reasonably and leave the funny names with EXPR indirection properties
of the good names (and maybe at some far future date, flush the funny names). 
When/if this happens, the COMPLR will be made to diagnose and rewrite code
involving the funny names to code involving the pretty names ...