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Losing Maclisp.2034

    Date: 2 Nov 1980 2318-EST
    From: KMP at MIT-EE
    To:   SJK at MIT-EE
    cc:   BUG-LISP
    Re:   Losing Maclisp.2034

    XX, Speech, and EE are all losing by having SETF try to AUTOLOAD it rather
    than having it primitively defined to be an FSUBR. This causes a SETF undefined
    after autoload message when you try somethgin like (SETF x 3) ... I don't
    understand why this should be different on tweneces than on its. or maybe
    it is broken in all lisps and we haven:'t seen the effect yet (sorry about
    the typos -- this is a losing ai tv i am on) ... can you please look into
    fixing this? thanks muchly. -kmp

Fixed on EE, the SETF there was ancient and thus incompatable with the newer
Lisp.	   -sjk