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Subjobs on Twenex

    Date:  1 Nov 1980 1431-EST
    From: KMP at MIT-EE
    Subject: [IC.MARK: calling EXEC from MACLISP]
    Does anyone have any good ideas about how to call Twenex from Maclisp? I
    think maybe Twenex Maclisp should offer something like Multics' CLINE or
    at least like the PUSH command offered in many of the other Twenex systems.
In addition to VALRET, which at leas will permit you to do a monitor
command and return (but it seems, not return from a subsystem), you
could use the SUBFORK facility.  see the source file
which has enough comments to be readable to a non-novice lisp programmer.
I helps you set up sub forks, and operate on them, and well as
running random JSYS's.  For some sample usage, see the source for the