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Uh, re your remark
    Date: 1 November 1980 15:01-EST
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  #O truncation, and #*
there's a certain "patch" doable to maklisp which involves
(DEPOSIT #O124000  #*265500013613*)
If I didn't misunderstand your last comment on this dead horse,
you seem to think that it would be much clearer if it were written
(DEPOSIT #O124000 #+PDP10 #O265500013613)
Of course, nobody hacks machine language from lisp right?
And all LAP code is portable, right? (see JLK;LISPT PATCH)
At any rate, when "hacking with the bits", something like #*
would help separate out such things;  or maybe one would  do
(SETQ JSP-INSN #*265500013613*)
;; see how much cleaner this is with a comment and a mnemonic name?