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The change will only drastically affect people using CATCH/THROW in the
old semantics. I am less interested in making *CATCH/*THROW go away
than I would be in getting CATCH/THROW to do the right thing. I am not
opposed to leaving *CATCH/*THROW for a year or so to give you time
to change over ... also the definition


would be the only change you needed in order to make your incidences of
CATCH/THROW compile. Since all of *CATCH, CATCH, THROW, and *THROW open
code, this should not break any FASL files, only EXPR code.

I suspect that regularization of the language in a burst as you describe
would offend more people. Whole packages would just fail to run and people
would be unable or unwilling to fix them. This kind of change involves
a very mechanical set of instructions which will convert old forms to new
ones. I can even provide you with Teco macros that let you do this with
a minimum of effort.

Can you be persuaded yet?