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#O, #X, #R etc

    Date: 31 October 1980 11:56-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL>
    To:   RWK
    cc:   BUG-LISP
    Re:   #O, #X, #R etc

    Uh, you did see about #* also didn't you? (also my request
    that someone may want to fix the #*400000000000* bug in
Yes.  Note that I didn't say anything about wanting my INPUT RADIX to vary
depending on what machine I was on!  In fact, this has always struck me as
singularly useless.  The text following it doesn't change when you port from
machine to machine, after all!

If the syntax were #*O or #*D or #*X and meant 'UNSIGNED', then I'd have no