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    Date: 31 October 1980 02:16-EST
    From: Gerald R. Barber <JerryB at MIT-AI>

    In system 46.8, with microcode 692, on LISP Machine Four:

    SXHASH seems to have the property that (SXHASH '(a b c)) = (SXHASH
    '(b c a)) or, it is insensitive to the ordering of things in a

If I am not mistaken, the MacLisp sxhash has this property too
(insensitivity to the order of a list).  Are we perhaps keeping this
around for compatibility?  I have never thought that this was a very
"nice" property for a hashing function to have.

Is it too late to change it in MacLisp?  (I'll bet the answer to that
one is "yes".)