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Correcting CATCH/THROW in Maclisp

Isn't it about time we prepare to recycle the non-* names?  I suggest
that CATCH,THROW exist but be errors in the about-to-be-released Maclisp
version, and that they be identical to *CATCH,*THROW in the next one.
I reproduce the 2-year-old warning below.

    Sunday  Sept 17,1978   FM+11H.57M.58S.   LISP 1742  -HIC, JONL-

    Changes affecting all LISPs:

        For compatibility with the new format of CATCH and THROW in the
        LISP Machine, and in NIL, we are introducing *THROW and *CATCH.
        Please use these, and sometime in the future, CATCH and THROW in
        PDP10 MACLISP may be changed also.  It is recommended that old code be
        converted to *CATCH and *THROW.