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(1) The repositioning of the cursor at the top of the screen instead of
    scrolling is called wraparound. It's not really a bug, just a misfeature
    that it happens by default. They will change that in some version of
    Maclisp soon. It's not ULisp's fault.

(2) The (CVTA 16) problem is a severe Maclisp failing which ULisp inherits.
    I am glad you pointed it out. (CVTA 16) returns the character Control-P.
    This is a very magic character to Twenex display and Maclisp should be
    taking care to display it as "^P" rather than sending the character to
    Twenex for display as a raw control-P. I'm sure the implementors will
    look into fixing that. (To the Maclisp maintainers: (PRINC "^PC" TYO)
    in XMACLISP on EE demonstrates this lossage -- TYO is open in OUT ASCII
    SINGLE TTY mode and should not be displaying that ^P ... I assume the
    problem is that on ITS, the opsys takes care of this ...)