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    Date: 29 October 1980 14:20-EST
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  Poor SETF, revisited ["yea, me worry"]
    .  .  .
    Hey, I said you might as well just DISPLACE. Which costs even less than
    memoizing, and takes a lot less crufty code in your defmacro's.
WRONG!  if you memoize in any form, then you can recuperate (by
"cache" invalidation) but if you DISPLACE, you lose.  period.
    I'm not laying them at the feet of SETF, I am laying them at the
    feet of JONL! The provided system facilities are not sufficient
    to handle SETF.
George, did you even read my comment about the mechanization possible
for defmacro (when it redefines an existing macro)?  Did you even
acknowledge that some cases are not at all easily detectable?  Can
you honestly say that a mapatoms of |forget-macromemos/|| is "not
sufficient to handle SETF"?