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Tnx for your perceptive perusing of LISP.RECENT -- I've fixed up
the comment about ASH
    Date: 28 October 1980 20:03-EST
    From: David A. Moon <MOON at MIT-MC>
    lisp recent claims ASH takes one argument.  It takes two, of course.
    Date: 28 October 1980 20:10-EST
    The example of open coding of DPB in LISP;LISP RECENT is incorrect. 
    I use hope the compiler does not actually do what the documentation says.
and for DPB, the documentation example should have been "(DPB 0 #o0304 X) 
==> (BOOLE 4 X #o170)" rather than "(DPB -1 #o0304 X) ...".  However 
(cough, cough) , there is in fact a bug with the open-expansion of 
"(DPB -1 <n> ...)" for constant <n>, and I'll get it fixed within the hour.