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The Case for Lower Case

Lower case IS easier to read, and Mixed case is even easier than
that.  But especially in Lisp, lowercase makes lots of sense. 
By comparison with:


 (label foo (lambda (bar) (cond ((null bar) nil) (t (foo (car bar))))))

is almost legible.  The difference is of course that the parens stand out.

I've "lowered" Rutgers lisp by having READ convert everything to lowercase.
This works on an uppercase-only terminal just as well as anywhere else.
It works out to be a lot easier to take, ie reading the code.  I don't
really care what Maclisp does, but several months of experience suggests
that you would benefit from the change.

(The only way i could see the change breaking extant code would be if some-
one used varying case to distinguish atoms.  Surely this deserves to lose.)