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Incompatible changes for next LISP

    Date:  2 April 1980 15:46-EST
    From: Carl W. Hoffman <CWH at MIT-MC>
    How about turning on # by default sometime in the near future?
    Particularly now that people are writing code which attempts to run on both
    the Lisp Machine and ITS.  " would also be nice, but less critical.
Yea, I'd like to see # and " standardized by now - how about you sending
out a general note to the *ITS community to see if anyone objects. 
Also, GSB should send out his note about READ always flushing the
space terminating an atom, and the addition of a new function which
returns both the thing read and the terminating character.  Since
these are incompatible changes (turing on # and ", and having READ always
flush the terminator), there will have to be a probe to the user community;
I wish you two would respectively do the part you're interested in.