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STRING bug, and NILAID on twenex

    Date: 25 Mar 1980 0713-PST
    From: Scott at SRI-KL (Scott J. Kramer)
    Subject: 3 MacLisp/Nilaid bugs
    [1] TO-STRING losses after converting several long SYMBOLs to STRINGs.  I
	 tested this on smaller SYMBOLs and it apparently worked.  It doesn't
	 work in either MacLisp or Nilaid on ITS or 20x, but work okay in NIL
	 simulation on ITS.
This was a bug in STRING's GC-DAEMON function, which I've just fixed on
the ITS systems.  I don't understand how NIL could have avoided the problem,
since it was due to the actual length of your string being a non "INUM"
fixnum, and hence getting prematurely swept-up by the GC.
    [2] DEFAULTF in Nilaid on 20x is wrong.
    ((PS MACLISP) * FASL *) 
Twas a bug in the NILAID.INI file - just now fixed it.
    [3] OPEN doesn't work in either MacLisp or Nilaid for file without
	 extensions on 20x.
I guess this hasn't been hacked yet - how important is it?