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PROBEF losing?

From:     EB@MIT-AI
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 80 08:24:42 GMT
Original-Date: 03/25/80 04:24:42 EDT
Subject: Re: Compiler Bug
    To: (BUG Lisp) at MIT-MC
    After fruitlessly searching for hours to find a bug in my code, I have
    discovered that the bug is not mine but the compiler's.  Consider the following
    pared-down example:
    (defun foo (x)
       (let (((a b c) x))
	  (cond ((probef a)
		 (list a b c))
		(t nil))))
    .  .  .
I'm really sorry you lost so much time tracking this thing down - it's
*not* a complr bug - someone had added code to PROBEF failing to note
that it is supposed to preserve several accumulators.  So I've patched
the installed lisp, and edited in the one line necessary in the source.