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Wrong function

THURSDAY  MAY 25,1978  FM+3D.8H.53M.31S.     NCOMPLR 769   -JONL-


	DISPLACE is intended for use as a macro-displacing function;
	thus if (DEFUN FOO MACRO (X) (MUMBLE X))  is a macro definition,
	then (DEFUN FOO MACRO (X) (DISPLACE X (MUMBLE X)))  will cause
	the macro call to be displaced by its code after the first

You have been using DISPLACE for the wrong purpose.  You've already lost this
battle; it already turns (DISPLACE X 'Y) into a (PROGN Y).  I think your
arguement has degenerated into (unintentional) obstructionism.  Call your
function something else, and let us make DISPLACE more useful for it's intended
purpose.  Sorry, charley, I think the rest of the world has already gobbled
that name for another purpose.