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From:     BEN@MIT-ML
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 80 21:14:29 GMT
Original-Date: 03/14/80 17:14:29 EDT
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-ML
    On the TOPS-10 at Tufts.
    1.  (getchar 'foo 0) appears to loop, rather than return NIL
    as advertised.  Similarly for negative args.  Too-large args
    work correctly, return NIL.
I've just corrected this in the source, although the "wheels"
have already been set into motion to send out maclisp tapes
(Ty Sealy is doing it) and you probably won't have this update,
unless (horrors!) the mailing is held up so long that the new
system is installed around before then.
    2.  Is there any way to get decent rubout processing?  TOPS-10
    will let me handle my terminal i/o reasonably enough to do rubouts
    correctly in the monitor and several programs, but not in LISP.
    (I have a Teleray 1061.)
Well, I don't think there is much maclisp can do by itsels - some
people have been writing packages with special knowledge about
terminals, and using a file object created by
which is supposed to allow you to do output in "raw" mode
(for TOPS-10, this uses IONEOU).  You might want to correspond
with FAHLMAN@CMUA on this point to see what's new there.