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For your convenience...

I note an awful lot of your code uses these cute little
|+internal-something-or-other/|| things with mixed case to
keep people from typing them accidentally. needless to say,
this makes typing them in rough when you really do want them.

Hence, I have *the answer* ... for only 50cents and 2 boxtops,
you too can use kmp's emacs CASE? library. Merely do 
MM Load LibraryKP;CASE?
on mc and you'll get this neat definition for / which peeks for
a | and if it finds one immediately following it, will mung the
case of the previous atom in some uniquely determined way for
that given atom... eg, typing


will (at the time you type the /|) result in ...


Without any extra effort, you will have generated a fine unique atom.
This special offer is available for a limited time only, so hurry --
get yours today...