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I want to put (PUT <sym> <tag> <value>) like (PUTPROP <sym> <value> <tag>)
but with the args in the right order into LISP.  This makes
(SETF (GET ...) ...) easier to do right WRT order of evaluation, and
makes a lot more sense.  This is consistant with all the other ACCESS/STORE
frobs except for the other exceptions....

However, it may be argued that we should not usurp the name PUT from the
user, and that we shouldn't even be usurping GET.  Personally, I lean
somewhat to using the name PUT on the theory thta such widely used things
deserve to be short, but other suggestions for the name are PUT-PROP, with
GET-PROP also existing, equivalent to GET.  So I'm throwing it out here
so we can all agree on a name and be consistant with each other.
Comments?  Flames?