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The bugous behaviour of (TYIPEEK T) and splicing macros has been improved!
It no longer lets user code clobber AR2A (it's read table), by refetching
the readtable after the call (if somebody SETQ's READTABLE in a splicing
macro he'll now win (or lose, depending on your point of view)).  However,
(TYIPEEK T) will still lose, returning most likely a space.  Since it's
not possible to make this do the truely right thing, (since as I recall it's
described as returning the first meaningful character, and that turned out
to be that non-flushing splicing macro), I propose to not fix this.  I
only looked at it to fix ending up in the "nothing terminates" mode that
resulted when a random S-expression ended up in AR2A instead of the