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Inits opening stuff

From:     kmp@MIT-MC (Sent by ___045@MIT-MC)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 80 21:03:20 GMT
Original-Date: 02/26/80 17:03:20 EDT
Subject: Re: Inits opening stuff
    GSB gave me the magic incantation:
    to solve the problem.

That's okay for init files, but what about general loads?
The problem yesterday was caused by a user doing
several times until he got his small, trivial file of test
data setup correctly for his application.  The LOAD never
did a CLOSE after reading in the file, and the computation
never got anywhere close to doing a GC, which would have
forced closing.  And the result of this was that the system
got more hopelessly wedged than I have ever seen it get!!!