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Maybe someone can tell me what is wrong in the following example.
I can't seem to find it myself.

Let the file T1 contain the following:

(eval-when (eval compile)
   (or (status feature defvst)
       (load '((lisp)defvst))))

(defvst foo a b c)

(defun foo-1 ()

Let the file T2 contain the following:

(defun foo-2 ()

Suppose I compile T1 and load it into a LISP, then load T2
(source) into the same LISP.  FOO-1 will return a FOO, while
FOO-2 will load DEFVST and VSAID and give an error

;(FOO) defvst-construction|


(PLIST 'FOO) in that LISP reveals a STRUCT=INFO property that
has STRUCT-TYPEP true of it.