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More on GFN

Ok, EVAL-WHEN has been made to grind correctly and the documentation at the
head of the file has been reversed so that recent changes are at the TOP 
where they are easy to see.

As to the HUNK stuff, hopefully someone can put this info in  .INFO.;LISP NEWS
for me when the next set of info goes into there -- I don't know what the
format is that things have to be in if there is a standard -- but anyway:

There is a variable named HUNKSPRIN1. If it is NIL, then HUNKs will be printed
as CONS's. Additionally, if HUNKP is NIL, regardless of the setting of 
HUNKSPRIN1, hunks will display as CONS's. If HUNKSPRIN1 is non-NIL, it should
be set to the name of a printer which can be used to SPRINTER an s-expression.
It follows the 'familiar' (l n m) arg convention of most of the grind package
functions... Sprint a list l in space n leaving room for m pending parens.
Additionally, the value of HUNKSPRIN1 should have a HUNKGFLATSIZE property
which is a function of one arg that returns the flatsize of that object when
sprintered. The default value of HUNKSPRIN1 is STANDARD-HUNKSPRIN1 which
is provided to sprinter HUNKs in a nice (?) way ...

Hopefully REES will shortly follow with his information about how to make
make the **SELF-EVAL** guys display nicely using SPRINTER.

The new features cost us 300 words of code. Sorry about that.