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Read syntax of ^J.

Sometime since lisp 1861, the read syntax of linefeed was made into
a whitespace character from it's former status of ignored.  This
means that things like FOO/<cr><lf>BAR now reads as FOO/<cr> and a second
token of BAR.  (but not |FOO/<cr><lf>BAR|, since | does it's on syntax hacking)
On the theory this was mere temporary brain fade while changing the syntax of
RETURN, I've changed it back in the source.  On confirmation of the brain fade
theory, I'll patch it into the current lisp so existing code with this
admitedly old-fashioned way of doing this will once again work.

Also, I have found and am fixing the bug with open-paren's and **SELF-EVAL**'s
in XL.